Sparrows Press Boy Adventures Illustrated - Involves Incest, Pedophilia, Rape, and Bestiality

The Trampiest Kid in the Wild West

Bobby Benson

Tail Tickle's Most Popular Fuck Toy

After his father’s mysterious death in 1882, nine-year-old orphan Bobby Benson inherits the B-Bareback Ranch in Tail Tickle, Texas – a place devoid of women and children and inhabited by lusty saddle tramps, outlaws, banditos, Indians, and Buffalo Soldiers. Buckaroo Bobby soon learns he is the sweetest thing seen near these parts in a very long time. 

Bobby wants to find out who murdered his father and begins a quest to uncover clues and bring the culprits to justice. However, the men around Tail Tickle require special favors from the pretty little boy before they’ll help him out.

With his pouty lips and his heart-shaped butt, Bobby soon finds that his body is a more valuable currency than any silver dollar ever seen around these parts. From being deflowered by a wild dog, pleasuring the toothless ranch cook Queer Joe in the back of a buckboard, entertaining an endless line of Buffalo Soldiers, to working as a peg boy for his grandpa at the Soiled Dove Saloon, the former Boston boarding school boy is on his way to earning the Double B brand seared on his ass cheek by brutal ranch foreman Pecos Peter.

Sixty-Nine Pounds of TOTAL BOY JOY

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For a few seconds worry spread across his face, as he wondered if he was going too fast or too far. I chased that concern away by grinding my cock into his hand and telling him, “Pappy, you can do whatever you want with me.”

Chapter Eleven: Old Queer Joe Buggers Me (pdf)


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